Rebond Polyurethane Foam

We produce secondary foamed foam with a density ranging from 50 kg/m3 to 250 kg/m3. Our Rebond foam can be used to create compensating cushions, sports mats, sleeping mattresses, fillings, protective liners, upholstery inserts, and many other everyday products. We can cut the Rebond foam into any desired shape upon customer request, and we also sell it in full blocks. All our products are of high quality, as confirmed by independent hygiene certifications.

Advantages of Rebond foam:

Applications of secondary foamed foam:

Secondary foamed foam finds applications in various industries. It is also used by individual customers for soundproofing cars or homes. Some areas where secondary foamed foam is utilized include:

  • Construction: Underlays for panels, carpets, thermal and acoustic insulation (residential buildings, studios), retention and drainage layers (green roofs)
  • Automotive industry: Soundproofing of vehicles (headliners, trunks, floors, door panels, engine compartment partitions, dashboards), thermal insulation, vibration-absorbing components
  • Sports: Sports mattresses and mats (gymnastics, combat sports, rehabilitation), flexible floors (gyms, sports halls, playgrounds, playrooms)
  • Furniture: Upholstery inserts (seats, backs, armrests, headrests), mattresses, specialized cushions
  • Horticulture: Plant cultivation mats (recirculating systems) or as a base for lawns

Rebond foam is also used in the production of products such as:

  • Packaging: Mechanical protection of items
  • Livestock mats (bedding mats)
  • Disinfectant mats

We invite you to explore our offering.

Ideal for upholstered furniture as well as exercise mats.

Ordering Process

We fulfill all orders according to client’s requirements.

We offer order delivery in the whole Poland and Europe. While preparing the transport we pack our foam in the way that prevent it from any damage while transporting.

Because of our clients’ individual needs we set the prices individually.

Please send the assessment requests through the details in the contact form.

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