Disinfectant Mats

Our foam is perfectly suited for the production of disinfectant mats used for floor lining. These products, when soaked with the appropriate disinfectant solution, provide effective protection against viruses, bacteria, and pathogens carried on footwear. To enhance their performance, the mats are covered with a special fiber that cleans the shoes, preventing the spread of dirt on the floor. When stepped on, the mat releases a lightly foamed liquid that adheres to the soles of the shoes for an extended period. The use of disinfectant mats is recommended by the State Labor Inspectorate as a measure to combat the coronavirus. According to guidelines, such mats should be placed at the entrances of offices and production halls, although their applications are not limited to these areas. Discover our range of foam for underfloor panels and acoustic panels.

Where are disinfectant mats used?

Disinfectant mats made of Rebond foam are primarily used in specialized hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, and veterinary clinics. They are also utilized in cosmetic companies and beauty salons. The Rebond foam, from which the mats are made, can be applied in treatment chairs as it is an ideal foam for various types of furniture. There are also special drive-through disinfectant mats that can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles. These mats are deployed at border crossings and currently at quarantine points as well.

Additionally, disinfectant mats can be found in:

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