Foam for Furniture

Our company produces foam for furniture, specifically Type R foam, which is an excellent material for producing seats and backrests. It ensures maximum comfort and extends the lifespan of furniture. The foam helps furniture resist permanent deformation and maintains its aesthetic appearance for longer. As a result, the furniture is soft and resilient, which is particularly important for mattresses, chairs, and sofas. The foam can also be used in the production of car seats, but its applications are not limited to that as it is also used for soundproofing vehicles.

Application of Rebond Foam in Upholstery

Compared to other types of upholstery foam, Type R foam stands out with its significantly longer lifespan. It has excellent resilience, providing high user comfort. With a range of foam densities available, it allows for customization to specific parts of furniture. Low-density foam is recommended for chair and armchair backs, while higher density foam is suitable for headrests and armrests. To achieve the highest level of user comfort, alternating foam densities are used during furniture production. This technique eliminates the need for springs, resulting in a lighter overall construction. Explore our range of acoustic panels, flexible polyurethane foam, and disinfectant mats.

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