Foam for Underfloor Panels

Rebond foam for underfloor panels is gaining increasing popularity. It combines the characteristics of traditional underlayment with soundproofing properties. Using polyurethane foam to soundproof a room is an excellent solution for apartments or multi-story houses, providing privacy and enhancing daily comfort. Our produced material can also be used directly under carpets and rugs. It is frequently utilized in recording studios, conference rooms, and for soundproofing vehicles. Our secondary foamed foam is also used in the production of acoustic panels, both for walls and ceilings. When combined with underfloor panels, it provides maximum sound insulation and adds an interesting decorative element to the space.

Is Rebond foam suitable for underfloor heating?

Rebond foam has various applications, including as an underlayment for underfloor panels. However, those considering underfloor heating may wonder if PUR foam is a good choice. The answer is not only possible but actually recommended. Secondary foamed foam has thermal properties, so when laid over the subfloor, it acts as a barrier between the heated space and the unheated area, reducing heat loss from the room. Additionally, it is particularly resistant to compression, which enhances both insulation effectiveness and the stability of the floor. Explore our range of foam for furniture, flexible polyurethane foam, and disinfectant mats.

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