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Rebondex Foam Manufacturer

Welcome to the Rebondex company website. We are a manufacturer of rebond foam, which is a material made from finely ground foam scraps. Rebond foam stands out for its exceptional flexibility, making it widely used in various industries, including:

In addition to rebond foam, we also produce disinfecting mats and foam for furniture from processed PUR foam. We assure you that our products guarantee the highest quality material and safe usage. Customers who make a purchase in our store can expect a short order fulfillment time, regardless of the required quantity. We deliver the foam securely protected against damage during transportation to customers throughout Poland.

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Rebond Foam

We offer you Rebond foam made from polyurethane foam with a density ranging from 50 kg/m3 to 250 kg/m3. It is perfectly suited for use as a compensatory cushion or soundproofing material in homes, offices, and machinery. It is also ideal for products such as mattresses and upholstery fillings. The production process eliminates the presence of heavy metal compounds, ensuring a fully safe product that can even be used in rehabilitation equipment. Our regenerated PUR foam is resistant to high and low temperatures as well as chemical substances. It also features good air permeability and, due to its appropriate density, provides a “soft surface” effect when placed under carpeting, making it suitable as a room soundproofing material.

We assure you that all our products have the necessary certificates and attestations confirming their high quality and safety.

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Every order fulfilled by us includes:


Foams produced by us can be used in every area of life. Our clients are associeted with furniture, medical or even automotive industry.


Our production process is a guarantee of the best quality materials and a short order time.


Each of our products is tested for quality and security for everyday and rehabilitative use.


You do not need to worry about the security of your purchased product. The orders are realised with the help of a special carrying trade.

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