Rebondex - the producer of Rebonda rebound foam.

We specialize in the production of secondary foamed foam with a density ranging from 50 kg/m3 to 250 kg/m3. This product is created through the processing of polyurethane foam. During production, foam of this type gains new properties (such as resistance to extreme temperatures) and due to the use of scraps of PUR foam in the production process, it is an environmentally friendly product. This type of foam is ideal for use as a compensating cushion, a soundproofing element for homes and industrial spaces, as well as a component in mattresses and upholstered furniture, and as a protective liner for securing cargo. We also offer T-type polyurethane foam with a density ranging from 18 kg/m3 to 40 kg/m3. Prices are determined individually with the customer. We deliver foam throughout Poland and to European countries. We invite you to watch our video that presents the process of order production.

In response to the expectations of our contractors, we constantly strive to improve the process of Rebond foam production. Our products have up-to-date hygiene certificates that confirm their safe use. We invite you to contact us by phone and place orders through the contact form on our website. Feel free to explore our range of disinfectant mats and acoustic panels.

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