Compensatory Cushions

Compensating cushions are among the products made from regenerated foam. They are used for lining pipelines at bends in pre-insulated networks, especially at greater depths. This is made possible by the foam’s appropriate thickness and elasticity. The foam can be easily compressed to the required volume, maintaining the appropriate temperature and preventing the overheating of the pipeline (as the PUR foam acts as an insulator). Compensating cushions are produced in two types:

Type “A” – shaped to fit the diameter of the pipe casing. Type “B” – rectangular in shape. We assure you that both types of cushions can be safely produced using our Rebond foam and effectively utilized for lining pre-insulated pipes. The foam is also suitable for the production of other safety-related products, such as disinfectant mats.

Where are fixed points made on pre-insulated networks?

Compensating cushions are used at fixed points in pre-insulated networks when it is necessary to immobilize the pipeline. Secondary foamed foam is highly suitable for this purpose, hence its application in the construction of thermal extensions. Fixed points are created only in specific cases and at locations such as:

Building entrances and manholes. Connections between channel networks and non-channel networks. Sharp bends in the pipeline. Compensating cushions protect the network, maintain the appropriate water temperature in the pipes, and prevent the overheating of the pipeline. In our product range, you will find foam for furniture, flexible polyurethane foam, and foam for underfloor panels.

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