Rebound Polyurethane Foam (Type R)

This foam is produced from finely ground foam. Thanks to its specific production methodology, which excludes the use of heavy metal compounds, we obtain an ideal foam where safety is a crucial factor.

Furthermore, all our produced foams have a valid hygiene certificate, confirming their compliance with rigorous safety standards for everyday use.

Due to the unique property of the foam, characterized by an open-cell structure, our foam is perfect for mattresses and exercise mats, which can have varying firmness while maintaining excellent airflow. Some of our foam recipients directly collaborate with the rehabilitation industry, where Rebondex foam is successfully used, among other things, in equipment inserts.

Due to the high density of the foam, it is frequently utilized for various types of fillings in upholstered furniture, especially in headrests and armrests.

Rebound Polyurethane Foam (Type R)

Perfect for upholstered furniture as well as exercise mats.

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